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HCT-002 (Hot Cool Therapy)

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  • MaterialThermo-electric module


  • South Korea South Korea

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Removal of Swelling
In general, we often wash the face in the cold water and wash the face in warm water again to reduce the swelling. But, if we cannot prepare for ice and hot water to wash the face or if we cannot do even so due to no allowing water to touch the plastic operated area? HOTCOOL THERAPY provides a vibrating cool & hot massage at the optimum temperature that can care the swelling.

Face diet
Ensuring muscles, pressure points and facial lymph circulating direction that you must learn before starting face diet, you can make an effective facial massage through HOTCOOL THERAPY vibrating cool & hot massage instead of hand massage. Powerful cool & hot massage improves the circulation of lymph and blood efficiently and thus softens and smoothens jaw line.

Cold massage lowers skin temperature and cool & hot massage improves the blood circulation in the skin helping reduce blemishes and freckles relative to the worsening blemishes and freckles if the skin is too exposed to UV light.

Pores Care(Pores Minimizing)
The way to tighten pores without relying upon chemical treatment is using the temperature. We used to keep it in the refrigerator when we tighten using cosmetics. After skin cleansing by means of hot & cool massage, tighten the pore again by means of cold massage. That’s why pore care is basic to the skin care.

Skin’s Elasticity/Lifting/Wrinkles Improvement
Improving the elasticity of the skin with cosmetics is limited. Inside skin must be improved in order to improve the skin tone. Improving the blood circulation makes the skin supple and clear. Skin vitalization by HOTCOOL THERAPY keep the skin healthy and supple, furthermore facilitates the improvement of wrinkles through pumping effect.

Dark circle                                                                                                              
To massage around your eyes with our HOTCOOL THERAPY is very useful to removing dark-circle. When you massage around your eyes with HOTCOOL THERAPY, use hot mode around 30 seconds ahead, spread on the essence or eye-cream in the spot, then massage the spot from inside to outside with cold mode.